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Highborn gossips
Really late art trade with :iconakaszik:.
Her character, Kaisha Hashib (on the left), doing her favourite thing: gossiping with her aunt, Dora Hashib.
Poses referenced from :iconsenshistock: ´s…
OC-Training: Third task
When thinking about prehistoric humans, many people imagines stinking, mucky half-wits garbed in raw animals skins, at best clumsily stitched into crude skirts ar dresses.
Reality is somewhere else...
First from the left is Lionman garb for rituals; I imagine Lionman to be minor spirit/deity, and Nir´s role as him is more passive/support (he is "tied" on the place). The mask is cave lion skull, black color is probably grease, soot and some musk mix. Rest is made from bleached leather with lion claws on forearms and lion tail sewn to pants to add to lion vibe; the red mane are Nir´s own hair artfully tousled into shape.

For less important rituals Nir uses whatewer clothes fits to current weather; the main parts are shrike facepaint, three braids hairdo with red deer spine ended with adder head, decorated with rook feathers; the leather bracelet marks him as shaman appreitience, as the headband do (the headband is meant to symbolize wearer´s problems, to remind him to fight it; Nir portraited his pains by thorny blackthorn  branch with little skulls impaled in shrike-like mannner). And under it is the ritual drum with "opposites" themed drumsticks.

Next two garments are everyday outdoor ones from horse/reindeer leather and furs, decorated with lether stitching and dying by cinnabar in the sape of Nir´s scarring (good for recognizing one´s clothes too). Second one actually fits into the first, boot included; the pants of the winter suit are double lethers, filled with fur and feathers. The ungainly cape is from mammoth skin on the outside to repel snow and wind and is lined inside with rendeer skins (actually the best against cold, as the overcoat hairs are filled with air). The mask from birch bark protects wearer against the snow blindness and frostbite. The snowshoe is also very necessary back then.

In general, Nir likes to wear baggy, loose clothes to hide his skinny build, also he tries to hide his leg stump all the time with sewn shut pants legs, slings and long shirts.
Rite of passage
Second :iconoc-training: task, bodytype: Nir is that lean, wiry type (179 cm tall), which seems to not gain muscle mass no matter what, now being even thinner and older looking from recovery after Elasmotherium attack. He is cursed by very fair skin, so from spring to fall he´s more or less sunburnt and peeling; he also sports dark circles under eyes all the time. As for the ritual/tribe scarring, there´s another column of scars on his back, corresponding to those front ones running down his left side.
Also, he´s got heterochromia, his right eye being blue and left a mix of green, brown and yellow (visible in…). he´s having a chance to begin his healing, to be whole again despite losing a piece of himself in the outside and inside both.
Hello everyone,
my friend black knight is getting rid of her famous helmet- reconstruction of 15th century sallet- for 100 EUR.
Perimeter: 55 cm/21.6 in.
Deep-drawn steel, movable visor, slightly used.
If interested, contact me at my e-mail


Petra Grassingerová
Czech Republic
Current Residence: In the city of hundred towers..yes, Prague
Favourite style of art: all of them...
Personal Quote: Contra torrentem!


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Azul-din Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017
Thanks for the fav's, Petra. How have you been keeping this cold winter?
DrinkTeaOrDie Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Thank you SO much for all the favs, and the watch, and the detailed IMHO comment on my page! I promise I will respond to that comment soon! I'm sorry I haven't responded yet, but I really appreciate it! :aww:
Alene Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the :+fav: on "Galileo's Daughter" =) I'm glad you liked it!

Galileo's Daughter by Alene
DrinkTeaOrDie Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Here is my IMHO for :iconoc-training: task 7. Thanks for allowing me to do this, I will do my best! :D

So, looking at your works, I really like that most of them are fully colored images with characters and a background. That shows some real dedication to your work, especially with all the details and symbolism you have fit in to many of your works. I am very impressed with how much story and symbolism you can fit into one art piece.

One thing that I think detracts from your work is that it looks like the scan came out a little dark, making some details hard to see and the beautiful coloring you did doesn't shine through as well [example: Guess who: Aftermath]. One solution could be if you have an image editing software on your computer. You can play with settings and make your image brighter and make the colors pop. If you don't have a program like Photoshop, maybe you could look into free programs such as Gimp.

Examples of deviations of yours where the colors are great and seem to be exactly as you originally colored them include Rite of Passage and Beer Thief.

I have noticed the majority of your works shows characters from the front. Maybe you could have some fun challenging yourself to draw characters from the back and maybe even extreme angles/perspectives.

I think your work would really benefit if you paid close attention to lighting as you did in Evening with Snake. I really like the attention to detail in Highborn Gossips.

I hope that my comment has helped you in some way and have given you a fair IMHO. Thank you for your time. :)
Akaszik Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016

I hope you soon find job that let you make a living and live. :aww:

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